Papa-Holevas, Dimitrios Holevas

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One of the shining symbols of National Resistance, the rebel Greek

Famous Picture The Priest in Arms. Papa-Holevas or Dimitrios Holevas . Fought with ELAS against German Nazis

Orthodox priest, the Reverend (Protopresbyter)  Dimitrios K. Holevas.
Known widely as Papa-Holevas, was active in the resistance within the ranks of ELAS under the pseudonym “Papaflessas.
Papa-Dimitri Holevas was born in 1907 in a village of Fthiotida, Tsouka,  grew up in Makrakomi.

He studied Philology (Literature) and Archaeology at the Universities of Athens and Salonika.
He was ordained priest (1938),  in 1942 he was organized in the National Liberation Front (EAM) and fought the Germans conquerors from the lines of  (ΕΛΑΣ) Greek Liberation Army.

In 1943 he took the organization of clergy and  organized conference in Spercheiada Fthiotida with the participation of 4.000 delegates  from almost
all over free areas of Greece and established  the Orthodox clergy (Pagkliriki) Union with 4,000 members,  there was elected Secretary-General. Also played  a vital  role in the organization of  National Solidarity that saved  the population from starvation and death.

Lithographed Poster that was posted in the area of Attika in December 1944.

Lithographed Poster that was posted in the area of Attica in December 1944. Museum Moschandreou Holy City of Messologhi

Was elected congressman (ethnosymvoulos) in the government of Mountains  Political Committee of National Liberation  (ΠΕΑΕΑ) .
Ηe was military priest in Division XIII of ELAS and participated in military actions e.g  ( Blow up of  the  train  and    Bridge in Nterily (Area of  Perivoli Domokos  Central  Greece)  etc.

After liberalization, the fate of  Father Holevas was that of  the most of resistance fighters, prosecutions, persecutions, exiles. In 1945 the Holy Synod Court of the Greek Church with false accusations and slanders of Mitropolitis of  Fthiotis  Mr. Ambroshios , judged  suspension three  years from his duties!
He served from 1948 as professor of philology in Lavrion, Leros, Archangel Rhodes Nikaia in Piraeus, with considerable activity in many areas.

Papa-Holevas Athena 1946

He was member of organizations: Hellenic Cultural Movement, Movement for Peace and National Independence, National Peace Council, Cultural Center of the municipality of Agion Anargyron, and the Committee for repatriation of  Political refugees.
Elected as City Consultant of Agii Anargyri. At the end of his life (2001), he was awarded by the Holy Synod, the medal  Gold Cross of the Apostle Paul and Evergetirion Letter in recognition of  his services to his country.

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